Vedika Securities provide platform to trade in Capital Market Segment of National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange. We provide personalized service to our clients and offer Equity Advisory Services to clients based on their profile.

Our Research Team comprises of trained equity professionals who keeps you informed of the current market scenario and helps you take right equity investment decisions at the right time based on your needs.

Why Equity Investment?

Economic Research has revealed the benefits of investing in shares. Instead of buying shares, investors can always place their money in a bank or in bonds. These instruments offer near--assured returns: their rate of return does not fluctuate much from month to month. In contrast, the value of every equity portfolio fluctuates in synchrony with the market index from month to month. Investing in the equity market imposes pain upon investors owing to month--to--month fluctuations in the index.

These fluctuations are the risk of equity investments. They have to be matched by higher returns in the equity market, on average. If there was an economy in which banks gave the same average returns as shares, there would be a stampede of investors selling off their shares and moving their money into bank accounts! In the process, share prices would fall, and at the lower prices, shares would once again be attractive, offering higher prospective returns.

The key is to focus on average returns over long time periods on well diversified equity portfolios. When we consider equity as class, every economy in the world yields higher average returns on shares than on fixed return investment.

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