Wealth Management

When formulating your investment strategy it is important to determine your risk profile and attitude towards risk, the volatility of asset classes and the risk return profile of the products at hand.

Our team works to suggest financial solutions based on your risk appetite, profile and needs. Using customer insight, we have developed a financial planning tool. It analyses and generates a comprehensive financial plan based on your existing financial position, expected future cash flows, inflation and identified financial objectives. Our Relationship Managers extensively use this tool to do financial planning for you taking into account your long-term objectives and / or medium to short term requirements.

Whether you require a comprehensive wealth management solution for your own personal needs or you represent a corporation with global interests, every solution we offer is directed towards preserving and enhancing your wealth—or your company's assets.

For maximum benefits from the asset allocation process, you need access to a wide range of product offerings .

Traditional Products
Investment products that are commonly known avenues to grow wealth are:

Direct Equity

Direct Equity investment refers to the buying and holding of shares on a stock market by individual investors in anticipation of dividends and capital gains with changes in the value of the stock.

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are professionally managed pools of money from investors with similar investment objectives. Each mutual fund represents many individual stocks from a variety of industries and is managed by a fund manager.


Life Insurance policies are investments that protect you and your family against an uncertain future. There are a variety of policies which cover your life and invest your money towards your plans for the decided amount of insurance.

Specialized Products

New investment products have emerged over time and are available as:

Structured Products

Structured investment products are pre-packaged investment strategies based on various underlying assets such as equities, interest rates, currencies, commodities etc. The value of the product can thus depend on the value of the underlying stocks or indices. The idea is to generate a particular payoff on the product to suit particular market views and maximize the returns thereof. Some structured products offer a ‘principal protection’ function if held to maturity.


Commodity trading helps you hedge against inflation and buy a piece of global demand growth based on the understanding of the demand cycle. You can take up commodity exposure either directly through the commodity exchange or through various mutual funds with a mandate of investing in commodities.


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